Line weights for lines and arrows in FigJam

Hello! We’d really appreciate the ability to select from a variety of line weights in FigJam. Currently, the lines are too thick and their corresponding arrow heads are too big/chunky. It overwhelms the flows we’re creating. There appears to be a few requests for changing this. Not sure how many votes it takes to get a change, but perhaps the number of requests to this end might also hold some weight (pardon the pun!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Figjam arrows are super buggy

  • it is hard to connect two screens with a straight line arrow
  • it is impossible to create a line that has an arrow on both ends

please do something! this is the worst arrow experience in my life XD

still loving you Figma

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Thanks for this. I hate to say it, but this feels so limiting, I might have to go back to Miro until this gets fixed. My team members are feeling this way, too. Still loving you, too, Figma. Just wish FigJam could be more sophisticated in its flow charting and in its tables… <3

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