Library manager is unreliable

If i go to the library manager and try to see which files use a certain component, it gives me false numbers. For example it says this one component is used 34 times in a certain file, but when i try to find it in that file with the Instance Finder plugin, it finds none.

Why is this? What does it mean when it says Instances (all time) on the column header? Does it list all the component uses in the entire history of the file?

This is making things really difficult for me. I’m trying to remap instances ina a very large project, but it is nearly impossible as i have no way to reliably find all the instances.

This tool supposedly should help me but it feels useless like this. I’d have to go through all files it says it is used in PER EACH component variant, and every time i need to search for the instance in the file with a separate plugin, that only can find each variant per time. So you can imagine the amount of work this results in.


Hey Valtteri - so to preface:

Instances are the number of instances all time, across all the files. We do not include detached.

Inserts are the number of times a component was inserted within 30 days, whether or not it was later detached.

Since plugins are created by other users / community members, I can’t speak for their quality when it would come to universally searching for instances. It looks like the plugin hasn’t been updated in quite a while, so it may not be up to date with Figma’s recent updates.

I can say, that if you select one of the instances, and then go to edit > “Select all with same instance” – you should see all instances that are on the same page be auto-selected. You’d have to do this across each page in a file, which subsequently means having to do that in each file you have.

I totally get how tedious that would be. At the moment, I don’t have any additional suggestions, but maybe someone else can weight in.