LAUNCHED: Spell Check

Please add/enable the ability to spell check and natively see misspelled words (red-lining) on text layers. proof-reading is incredibly difficult in Figma.

Adobe has a preference toggle that can turn on dynamic spell checking. This would work great.


Would be cool if they could just extend the text fields to the browser so we could use the browser’s built-in spellcheck (or a plug-in like Grammerly).


@Aalok_Trivedi @Djame_Goldston There are plug-ins like Grammarly for Figma. Here are some links below:

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Thanks Hunter. I was trialing Spellchecker and didn’t like the limitation of layer only spell checking. Trying SPELLL now.

Spell checking is an absolute must for a design tool and should be included in the price — sorry to Extension authors filling the gap for now — your work is much appreciated, but this feature is needed as table stakes in the product itself.


Every other app I use has native spellcheck built in! Come on Figma! Even as I’m typing into this text box on the web spelling misstakes are underlined in red.

These plugins that require me to manually run a script to see if I’ve made any typos are not the same as having native spellcheck built in!!

Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 8.44.20 AM|690x115


I was amazed this was not within Figma as standard. It is now a given that dynamic spell checking should be within design software. Figma can you please put this to the top of your roadmap to sort?


Indeed, I use Grammerly on a regular basis and it helps out a lot. I feel like it should have been built in Figma in the first place though, since most design related apps have it. Those that deal with text mostly (Clip Studio Paint does not have one but that’s a little bit different since it’s not good with text)


This would be extremely helpful! Even if somehow Grammarly would work on it would be fantastic. It’s so easy to make mistakes across a large amount of frames and not realise until it’s too late.

I need this to save my dyslexic azz



(Spell check exists HERE on THIS Figma platform. Why not toss it into the app, too?

Can we please have a native spell checker in figma?? The spell checkers that are supported by third parties are unreliable and I still end up with typos in my designs. I need a reliable spell checker!

I’m in Figma a lot and when writing up any content, presentations OR comments in designs within Figma there’s not native spell check function in the desktop app. This would be a nice feature to improve my spelling across all documentation, feedback and overall designs I work through.

I know there’s a plugin for this, however it is limited in the free tier and is relatively complicated to work through when I’d prefer the text to simply highlight and suggest spelling fixes like a lot of default browser work.


Grammarly integration into Figma?!

Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

Currently, I’m going back and forth between a text editor that has auto-correct and Figma when writing a copy. And as a non-native English speaker, I use Grammarly that I found super useful to correct typos and all. It would be SO convenient to avoid going to an external tool for copy and stay all in one place to write any text in Figma.

To the community: Has anyone experienced the same turnaround? How do you handle it yourself?

To the team at Figma: any plan on integrating Grammarly or an auto-correct tool in the near future?


Wow, that would be great!
Right now I have to copy the text into a browser text box, just to make sure I don’t have any spelling mistakes. I ain’t a Native English speaker. Sometimes it is a freaktion for a product design.

Hi, dev. Why we are not able to use auto spell check/correction or even apps like Grammarly inside Figma, which would have been a great help while typing.

Spellcheck please! The plugins just aren’t cutting it and it’s a big issue.

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Yes +1 Touch Bar suggestions don’t work either (maybe I should create another suggestion for that)

Figma…please add spell check! The plugins are either bad or costly.

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What Marc said! :slight_smile: