LAUNCHED: Search layers by text in the file

Hi Gleb,
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Submitted a “word-search” request before, and you closed saying it was already being addressed in another post:

What this dude is talking about is different than what I’m talking about. Simply, I just want the ability to search for a word within the body of my text, NOT the layers.

I installed this plugin:

but it only finds which layer the word is within; it doesn’t pinpoint where the word itself is. I just need the ability to do the classic Command+F word-search to simply find a word “on the page,” to find a particular word amongst my body of text IN a layer / ON a frame, not the ability to search for a named frame amongst the layers. :cat2:

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    It’s pretty common for changing service wordings on design files (e.g. call a ‘post’ as ‘question’, ‘card’, ‘request’, ‘topic’, ‘tweet’ etc). If the team decided to change those wordings to another one, I always had to find all of the wordings in design file and then change all of them manually.

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    Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?

If I understand correctly I believe there is a workaround using plugins.

This one here syncs your text contents against data points in a spreadsheet:

And if you don’t want to rely on 3rd party services there’s this one that I actually know little about so you have to try it on your own:

There are a bunch of other plugins that does the same thing, but these ones where the ones that stood out to me.

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how to Search layer and pages

This is pretty basic/necessary functionality in any program, and Figma should not be relying on 3rd party plugins to solve this problem.


I’ve made a plugin that allows you to search text across all of your Figma teams simultaneously (as well as layers and page names): Hope it’s useful.

Hey All,

Thanks for your feedback and patience!

You can now use the Find option to quickly search your entire file for text, layers, objects, and more.

  1. Click in the left sidebar or use the following keyboard shortcut to open the search bar:
  • Mac: Command + f
  • Windows: Ctrl + f
  1. Enter the text you want to find. The search results automatically populate as you type.

More info here:

In my organization, Developers only have Editor access to figma files, and as Editors don’t have the ability to download plugins, they’re not able to search for specific text in designer’s notes.

Can you please integrate Search Text as a core feature of the Figma application instead of having users rely on plugins?