Keyboard Shortcut for Jump to Design/Properties Sidebar? (Starting with the 'x' property)

Is there a keyboard shortcut to jump immediately to the Design/properties Sidebar and focus the ‘x’ property in that sidebar, with one or more objects selected? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

In Sketch the keyboard command is option + tab, and this shortcut is a huge productivity booster. It allows you to use the keyboard almost entirely to manipulate a design, in combination with tree traversal shortcuts.

If there is no such shortcut—is this possible to hack together somehow using Karabiner or something similar? I really need this in my Figma workflow.

There is no such shortcut natively. I’m sure it’s possible with Karabiner-Elements but I personally use BetterTouchTool. You can set up an action to click a specific coordinate on the screen or even use visual recognition so BTT finds the area to click and clicks it—that’s useful in case the field you want to clicks can move to different coordinates depending on the selection.

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I have BTT as well. I will try to set that up I guess. Relying on the screen to be in an absolute position will be problematic. Does it do relative positions?

You can record mouse position relative to these anchor points:

Also as I mentioned you can find the image on screen (e.g. using the screenshot of the width input field) and move mouse there:

Thanks so much for that. This is very cool. I really need to use this app more. I’ve had it forever but never really got into it.