Issues changing master component with variants

Forgive me, as I am still learning, but my original components of these upper and lower nav menus are no longer accessible now that I’ve made them into variants. When I change their color, for example, the change doesn’t cascade across all of the instances. What am I missing?

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Hey @erinsss,

To make sure Figma applies changes to all instances of a component, you will need to edit the main component, not the instances/variants. More info here:

Thank you for your help, but I can no longer get to the main component now that it has variances. It shows the component and its variances as the “main component” now. When I select an instance, it no longer shows the link to go to the main component or options to push an override. You can still see the component in the assets panel, but I’m very confused. I’ve uploaded a grainy video to possibly help…


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