Issue with Text Property of Buttons when using Variables to switch between languages

Hello community! I wanted to share an issue I’m encountering to see if there’s any solution or if we should request one.

In one of my projects, I’m using variables to switch all the text from English to Spanish. The buttons I’m using are instances of a component. This component has a text property that can be changed from the left side panel.

The problem arises when I try to link a string variable to the button’s text. Figma doesn’t allow it because the text property is already linked in the component settings.

Can you think of another solution that doesn’t involve removing the text property from the button or dettaching all the buttons?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Malena

If you use variables instead of properties, these variables can then be overwritten in the instance. I’ve created this example file:

Let me know if this helps

Thanks @andreas_kramer! This was very helpful. I will try it in my project and discuss it with my team

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