Issue with Locofy Plugin Usage in Design Mode

Hello Figma Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently experiencing some difficulties with the Locofy plugin. The issue arises when I attempt to use the plugin in Design mode. It seems that it’s only functional in the Dev mode beta, which is quite inconvenient as I have a ready design that I wish to utilize with the plugin.

On navigating through the menu in Design mode, I am unable to locate the plugins section to access Locofy. This is rather perplexing, as it disrupts my workflow and hinders me from maximizing the benefits of this tool. In fact, my primary intent is to use the Locofy Free beta plugin to optimize my code, and the current scenario makes it impossible.

I am eager to understand if this is a common issue or if there is a specific reason why I am facing this problem. Any guidance or workaround to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to using the Locofy plugin to its full potential and enhancing my design efficiency.

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance.

Best regards,

hiya @Petar_Matov – you may want to reach out to Locofy’s support email to see if they have any guidance for this. You can find their contact on their community plugin page on the bottom right.

I think it’s, if you’re looking at the Locofy FREE BETA plugin.

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