Is there have any option to get back a figma delated team project

is there have any option to get back a Figma delated team project

Hi there,
Yes, you can recover a deleted project. However in order to do this, you have to be the team owner. You should have received an email letting you know that your team has been deleted and providing you the option to restore your team. You can restore your team by clicking ‘Restore your team here’ in that email.

Here are a couple of articles from our Help Center with more info:

Here the process to restore the team for all collaborators:

  1. Open the confirmation email and click the Restore team button.
  2. Click Restore team to confirm.
  3. Figma will restore your team immediately and take you to the team page.

If you need to restore a Team and have any trouble with the button in the email, we suggest opening your email in an Incognito Browser window to see if this helps!