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Is there a way to do a simple "distort" of a bitmap image in Figma?

I remember back when Fireworks was a solid tool, I used this capability all the time. I’d bring in a bitmap, and simply option-drag the four corners to “distort it” - most often to put it at a certain perspective angle. It was so easy to do. I used it often to preview home renovation and decoration projects (for example visualizing how a rug would look in my living room). And because all I had to do was drag the four corners, I didn’t have to figure out angle values, etc… I’d just match the four corners to whatever points on the canvas.

Is there a way to do this in Figma? I found a distort plugin but it’s not for bitmaps. If no plugin, is there a way to do it?

This isn’t possible, but you can use plugins such as Mockup and Snapshot to achieve this.

Thx Gleb - I figured as much :wink: I also found “Fit Shaper”, but “Snapshot” has that one-button update/sync which is nice. I wish Figma natively handled bitmap images more directly. Not asking for Photoshop, but simple things like this, and also a magic wand and a lasso tool (for cutting out background images and isolating elements in the bitmap) is really all that’s missing for me in terms of native bitmap manipulation capabilities.

Anyhow, though they often feel like jumping through hoops, thank goodness for plugins…

Recently I learned that Preview on Mac has a magic wand tool, now I feel like a magician. So if you are on a Mac as well — there is way out! And I’m pretty sure you can find some simple tools for that for Windows too.

Yep, I’m actually using an old version of Sketch for the magic wand. But yeah, hoops…=)

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