Is there a skew plugin that gives you more manipulation controls?

Hey Community!

I am new with Figma, and so far loving it! I am not working on prototyping, but i need to make simple website look alike artwork. So consider me more as a designer.

At this moment, i need to export the work in Figma, and use Photoshop to finish my presentation. I wonder, if i can skip the Photoshop part, and stay in Figma.

I found ways of skewing, but so far it doenst give it a realistic perspective. It feels ‘off’. So, my question to the community: Is there an plugin that brings me (close) to this:

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Hey Roy, we recently published a skew plugin. Maybe you could try it and let us know if this is what you are looking for?

And if it’s not, we would love to hear on how to improve so that it fits your requirements. Cheers!