Is ot possible to create a fully editable frame within a component?

I have created a component that has a frame intended to be a workspace. I’d like instances of the component to allow free form editing within this frame. For example, could draw shapes, add text etc. within the frame. Outside this frame, all other elements in this component would be tied back to the master componenet. Is this possible? Can edit and format text, for example, in instances of a component.

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Not really. There’s a way of working with components that some people use called “slots” that starts to get at what you’re looking for, but it’s not quite what you describe. Slots allow you to swap out an instance for any other component instance, including local ones. So you could have a dialog or pop-up component that has a consistent frame, and swap custom content into the slot.

Here’s a YouTube video on the slot methodology: How to leverage slot components in Figma - YouTube

You can’t edit frames within instances, but is there really a need to?

If you make your component, create an instance and put a frame on top of that instance and group/frame them together then visually you’ll functionally get what you want, no? If you want more instances just use this as a template and copy it how much you like. The only thing you’ll be missing out on is that it won’t show up in the asset library.

Hi, yes I really need this too. For example, I’ve created a component set, in which there is a minimize/maximize icon on top of the frame that collapses a whole panel and opens it again. I want to use instances of this component a couple of times as panels of a dashboard design. Obviously, in each instance I would have different contents in each panel. If I detach the instance I will loose the collapsible functionality and if I don’t I can not put desired contents in each panel.

If I understand correctly then @Doug_brown’s problem and yours is a little bit different. Since you’re dealing with instances I think the solution for you would be to make a variant for each panel that has unique content. Because they are variants you’ll be able to edit the contents however you want.

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