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Is it possible to use a library from another space and organization?

Hi! Can you help us? We need to use a library from another space and organization. But we want to stay at own space. Is it possible? How we can do it?

Unfortunately, you can’t access libraries from another organization. You’ll probably have to copy the components from the other org’s library into a library of your own. I’m curious to understand what is your usecase/reasoning for wanting to access a library from a separate organization?


I have an example. I’m working in a bank that has branches in different countries. We’re all in separate Figma organizations and one of our teams created a design system which they would like to share with us, but we can’t access it because of these limitations. I have multiple connected libraries which were published by another people on my private account and can’t get the reason why can’t I do the same with organization libraries.

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I also have a similar use case: I’m working in a business unit in a large corporation. We’re autonomous from the mother corp. and for instance, we own the IP for our products.

The mother corporation has a design library built in their Figma-organization. Since we’re a separate unit and administer our own software, we have our own Figma organization. Since we’re in a separate organization we cannot use that library and have to manually copy stuff.

If a library could be shared with our organization the same way it can be shared to a team or a user, that would be very convenient for us.

Hi, I recommend you check out my thread asking for such a sharing feature, with context on what Figma allows (and used to allow).

Feel free to vote to get the team’s attention!

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