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Is it possible to resize the contents of your frames without having to start all over again?

Hello :wave:! I’m new to Figma, and new to UX design and am having a bit of trouble with my responsive design. I designed several wireframes, and made the image and font sizes enormous, cause of course it looked fine on my large monitor, but when I go to look at my prototype… it looks ridiculous. In retrospect I feel like an idiot, however I’m hoping there is some miracle way to fix this problem that doesn’t involve manually going in and resizing every single thing on every single frame. Any thoughts, recommendations, words of consolation, or even a good joke at my expense, are welcome. :weary:

Hi @Luzietti! It happens to us all. :hugs:

At the top left, you can use Scale (hotkey k) to quickly scale down your selected elements.

And at the top right, you can reference your work at 100% to always know what it will look like ‘in real life’.

Hope that helps!