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Interactive Component Delay, possible bug?

When playing around with Interactive Components, some of my variants couldn’t be set to “Delay” for the interaction type.

My goal was to create three subtle animations all playing at once that tweened between two variant states. Each variant was unique.

I’m not sure why “delay” is disabled when I have a variant selected.

Funny enough, if I copied and pasted my variant that allowed delay as an interaction, then pasted in the layers from my variant that didn’t allow it, I could circumvent this bug by basically rebuilding the variant with the interaction already set.

If we could have an explicit error as to why “delay” is disabled, it would really help understand the feature limitations.

Or it could just be me misunderstanding the constraints!

Hey @Daniel_Destefanis just moved this into the IC beta category.

@Kelsey_Whelan or @Anthony_DiSpezio are you able to chime in?

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Hmm, After Delays should work with Interactive Components. Here’s an example I set up:

@Daniel_Destefanis would you be willing to share a file with us so we can take a look?

Yes of course! So delay does work on certain components, but for whatever reason when I created a new set of variants and tried to use delay, it wasn’t available from the drop down.

I can provide a file where I replicated the issue:

  • Where one set of variants does work (I copied and pasted from a previous variant that had delay as an option, changed all the layers, delay still works.)
  • Then I created a new variant, using the exact same layers and delay is no longer an option.

Whats the best way to link you?

Strange! A link would be great! My email is (Twitter works too if that’s easier: I’m @kelseymwhelan.) Thank you!!

Great! Invite sent, I labeled which variant didn’t work! I’d love for it to be user error lol

Careful to select the frame and not the element…

however, I was trying to trying a ‘spinner/loader’ component and the variant needs to delay then start its loading/spinning process… and I was having similar issues.