Interaction panel UX needs work. Too small and intricate

I do appreciate the new features like variables and conditionals and they help a lot in building prototypes. But there are some improvements that are needed to make this product truly great:

  • When I am editing the interactions, the panel is super small and cannot be resized. I have variables in groups, so I can usually only read the group name and not the variable name. This means I have to open every single interaction to understand what it does.
  • It would also be great to not only see the variables but already the interaction.
  • The panel (popup) needs to be resizable.
  • The search and select in this panel is also not ideal. I need to make sure that the element the interaction is on is at the very top of the screen. Otherwise the select disappears from my screen, I cannot read anything and I have to close it, move the canvas and start over.
  • When I set a variable and type in “true” and then hit enter, I expect that this interaction is saved and the select dropdown disappears. Instead an “==” is added. That doesn’t make any sense, also not logical: “variable = true ==”?

So again: Great work Figma team. But please work a bit more on it. Thanks!

Hey OleBerlin, thank you for sharing these details feedback! We’ll pass along to the Variable team for consideration. In the meantime, feel free to vote up these similar feature requests that may interest you, this will help us to gauge the overall interest in the community here: