Integrate Figjam into Figma for Seamless Workflows

When myself or my team is in the middle of working in Figma we go back and fourth from Figjam, though it disrupts the flow if we’re brainstorming or need to transfer Figma elements to Figjam and then bring back elements (i.e. annotations, markups, flow diagrams or any other artifact) or reference them while working in Figma.

We end up doing all our annotations and markups in Figma using an array of plugins and components made by us or the community which over time becomes messy and creates for inconsistent results; and is not as intuitive as Figjam for collaborative or explorative use cases. Or when we use Figjam to do our experimenting or documentation work and it typically goes unused or unnoticed by team members.

Keep Figma files less messy and more organized while referencing artifacts and designs by seamlessly going between Figjam and Figma without disrupting my teams workflow and brainstorming.

Potential Solutions:

  • Allow dedicated Figma ‘pages’ to convert into Figjam UI and functionality
  • Toggle Figma UI with Figjam UI in Figma (similar functionality to what’s being done with the ‘Prototype’ tab and ‘Inspect’ tabs on the right panel)
  • Have dedicated sections in Figma file where Figjam work and play can be done

Added Functionalities:

  • Have mirror function that I can view any Figjam file to reference and import while working in Figma
  • When following a user in Spotlight have the ability to follow them to a Figjam file (that is public or shared with them) to avoid asking for, looking for and/or opening the file on your own

These solutions can also eliminate unnecessary plugins and components used for collaboration in Figma files which slow down the file and encourage users to use more pages with this feature instead of cramming all of it in a single Figma file. This will improve the design and development process for seamless collaboration, experimentation, and documentation for individual’s and teams.


good idea good idea good idea

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