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Insert fontawesome icon

I’m trying to insert the following icon into a figma design:

I tried following this tutorial:

but I can’t

Right-click on the icon you want to use and select Copy from the menu to add it to your clipboard:

Instead, I get these options

I can export it to an svg file, but I can’t find the way to insert it


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Hi all,

I read this article :

But that I want to know it’s, how to know the class name or ID of the icon behind ? For the developers

If I copy the icon in my figma… I don’t have any information on its class or number ID…
Thanks in advance for the answer

In the inspect panel the developer should see a glyph that is used. So they can copy it from there. Not sure what form it would take though. There is no other way — only to not use icons as a font (which is a fairly bad practice in the first place in my opinion).

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