Importing multi-paged .fig file into free account

I have a free Figma account that I know has limitations with maximum of three projects and a maximum of three pages within the project.

I was given a task to redesign some things, within a .fig file that has 5 or 6 pages.

What will happen if I import the file into Figma free? Will I be able to edit within all the pages? I don’t need to add any other pages, but should be able to work within existing ones. Will I lose access or edit capabilities to all pages after the 3rd one?

Are there any other limitations I should be worried about in this situation?


This is not true. On the Starter plan, you can have 1 Team Project and 3 Files (maximum 3 Pages per File). These limits do not apply to files in Drafts.

For more information, see the Help Center article:

Thanks for clearing that up. Can you please answer my question as well?

As I wrote above, page limits do not apply to files in Drafts. You will have access to any page of the file, where you can edit any objects. Just import the file into your Drafts and get started.

Or ask for a link with access to edit the file so as not to import the file into your account.

I see, so Drafts do not have the limitations with page numbers that project files have. The only limitations Drafts have when compared to project files is that other users can’t collaborate or edit the files, they can merely view them, right?

Yes that’s right.

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