I paid for Professional but only have Free features

I paid for Professional months ago (I’ve got the receipts), but when I go to Figma, it keeps showing me “uprgrade to Professional.”

I’ve emailed support over a week ago with multiple follow ups, even called from the phone number on the invoice, but have yet to get any reply.

How can I get help? Is anyone supporting the Support email (which we’re told to contact for questions)?

I know this is a little snarky, but shouldn’t the UX and e2e experience of Figma also extend to customer’s interaction with Figma too? Happy to provide feedback on the experience and how it can be improved should anyone be interested in hearing customers’ feedback :smiley:

Hey @Evelyn4 - apologies that there’s been such a long delay. I promise it’s not intentional – we’ve been facing a backlog, and our support team has been working really hard to get to everyone.

Please feel free to share the feedback you have with the agent that reaches out to you – I boosted your ticket on the support end, and someone should be reaching out to you soon.