I never have a choice "change to"

figma chyba
Good day.
Please, someone here knows what I’m doing wrong. I never have a choice “change to” .

Hey @Nana_Sarkozy,

Interactive components are an extension of variants. Can you please confirm that you have a component set of variants to work with that you are attempting to apply the “Change to” interaction to?

It’s not clear what you’re attempting to do from your screenshot. If you still need to create variants, you can learn here:

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That’s right. Once you combine your components as Variants you’ll be able to change one variant to another.

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Thank you for your response. @dvaliao @Alex
I already tryed to watch videos about creating animated buttons. Even when i do it step by step i never see the option "change to " . Here i want to red heart to change the colour to pink brown. i did not saw the option to change to even when i tryed to use one of your advices you guys gave me here. Still nothing what should i do ?

Thanks for the additional context, @Nana_Sarkozy!

Can you confirm if interactive components is enabled for your file?

I can’t say if he didn’t find me

I think yes. In addition, everything works flawlessly. I will attach another photo for sure. I don’t think this feature would work if was forbidden

I’m only making a guess here, but since the component border isn’t the default purple, are they truly variants?

In your screenshot we can only see 4 filled diamonds and single empty ones.

Variant components are distinguished in the layer hierarchy by their single filled diamond, or you can identify them by selecting a component you will find details filled inside the variant section in the right sidebar. If it’s not a variant you’ll only have the plus icon to create one.

You found my mistake, thank you very much :blush:

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