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I Created 432 Variants - And Then I Noticed The Mistake!

This 432 variants represents and absolutely disgusting amount of work! I tried to modify properties by dragging a portion of them onto a different frame (temp frame) and making my changes to the properties - but - as soon as I drag them back I get some weird result where they have the component name (or something) displaying above every variant in that portion that was altered. I don’t know what this means or what is going on.

Then I read that you can unvariant a variant Removing variants by moving them to a different frame. I thought what that represented was a way to make changes to fix my mistake(s). That didn’t work. I could see by the icon next to the layer names that nothing had changed except what frame they were in. Well I’m more confused than a homeless man on house arrest! All I did was make a mistake on like 396 of my 432 variants (different mistakes in different ones).

Is there some way to make changes (and I do mean multiple changes across different portions of variants)? Can’t I make some changes to properties like stroke or fill color and stroke weight and be confident it worked? Can’t I not have the result look like I broke Figma or something?

See if you can fix your problems using @Gleb’s master plugin. You can use it to attach unlinked instances to a master component.

I didn’t exactly follow your question, but it sounds like something that can be solved with the combination of that plugin plus the right combination of nested components. In scenarios like this, it’s helpful if you can share the actual Figma file, so we can take a look under the hood.

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Yeah, funny story…

My client decided to go in a completely different direction with the design. I learned a lot but not exactly about Figma. I learned that a design is based on what it’s intended to do and so should my contract be (based on what the design is intended to do). That if the basis of the design changes then so does the deal. Anyhoo… that was a tough lesson but I’m glad I learned it.

I did install Figma - Master though and am looking forward to exploring what it can do.

Thanks for everybody patience with me here and for understanding.