I can't install my Figma

I’ve done all the tutorials in youtube or in Figma community, by deleting Figma folder in localapp or app data, but still can’t login


Hey @Adinda_khumairah, sorry for any disruption to your work!

Thanks for trying to delete the Figma folder from appdata local and appdata roaming first and then reinstalling the app again.

The desktop app installation process may fail for various reasons and we would like to help troubleshoot further.
We’d appreciate if you could please check the following:

  1. Can you confirm if you are downloading the latest installer from our Downloads Page?

  2. Please share share a copy of the Open a Setup Log with us to take a closer look"?
    Feel free to DM me, if you don’t want to share this publicly.

  3. Could you also please confirm what OS and OS version you are using?

In general, we’d also recommend checking:

  • Are you able to install the app if you temporarily disable or allowlist the installer for any antivirus software running on your device?
  • Are you able to install the beta app instead: Guide to the Figma desktop app

Thank you for your help and let me know if you had any follow-up questions!

  1. Yes, i downloaded it by that Download page
  2. I am not sure how to show this, since when i try the first time i can open the setup log, but after i try to delete the Figma file in local app data and app data folder, when i try to install again after that, and try to click Open Setup Log button, it’s not showing me anything and just close that page
  3. I use OS : Microsoft Windows 11 Pro, and OS Version : 10.0.22631 Build 22631
  4. I also got the same error when try to install beta version

Hey @Adinda_khumairah, thanks for confirming! Let me double check this with the team. I’ll give you an update asap. Appreciate your patience in the meantime!

Hi @Adinda_khumairah, I’ve just created a support ticket on your behalf so our technical quality team can give you some support on this. Your ticket number is #966509, for reference. Someone should be in touch with your soon!

Please feel free to use the browser to work with Figma in the meantime. Appreciate your patience!