I am the owner of the project, but I do not get comment notifications, unless I am tagged

To elaborate, I have joined the company, and there were files existing within different project, but these files have been transferred to me, and I have moved them to my project.

However, when someone leaves a comment in the files which are transfered to me, and in my project, I do not get the notification. The account that has previously owned the files does.

Is anyone experiencing this issue? Does anyone has an advice on how to resolve this?

Thank you

Hi there, to modify your email notification settings for a file:

  1. Click “comment” or press C to enter comment mode.
  2. Click “settings” at the top of the right sidebar in comment mode:
  3. From the dropdown, select one of the following:
  • All comments: This setting will notify you of any comments made on the file, @mentions that mention you, and replies or reacts to threads you’ve created or participated in.
  • Mentions and replies: This setting will notify you of @mentions that mention you and replies or reacts to threads you’ve created or participated in.
  • None: You will not be sent any email notifications for new comments. You will still receive an email for @mentions that mention you, even if you have this option selected.

The Manage email notifications for comments on files guide explains more. Let me know if you have additional questions after reading it.


That is it! Thank you so much, never occured to me to try and set up notifications for each file individually.