How to switch between organisational and team library publish?

We are sometimes asked to share our Design Library with other teams within our Figma organisation. Currently, we do not want to share our Design Library with other teams, because we want to prevent that every publish we do in our Figma team is globally published unless we consciously choose to do so in order to perform a public release.( like as the developers do to so )

I know the choice option for this exists (or at least it looks like it does) to publish the file to everyone within the organisation or everyone within the Figma team.

Yet we don’t manage to distinguish between publishing within an organisation or within our team. The result will remain the same every time we try those options, meaning that every team in Figma will get updates (which we definitely want to avoid) regardless of the publish option.

We tried the following options:

Share the library file within the organisation (which was not an issue):

  1. Create a test file in one or our project within our team (which already contains some components and styles)
  2. Checked the file sharing option to share the library within our organisation
  3. Created test teams with people who are not a member of the team where the library comes from
  4. Asked the organisational admin to make our test library as a global library

Publishing the library:

  1. Publish library to everyone of the organisation (global publish) —> Each team get’s a library update = OK
  2. Publish to everyone to the team —> Each team get’s a library update = NOK
    (Played with the sharing setting if the design library file)
    2.1. Other Figma teams are not able to use/see the design file anymore
    2.2. Other Figma teams are able to use the design library file, but still receive library updates.

The only information I have currently found within the documentation is this one ( ) where there is only a brief mention of “Share with organisation” and “Share within a team”. I followed this page and the page of the redirecting link to the “link sharing” and played with the different settings to try to get the desired result, each time with disappointing results.

Well now the question is actually what we overlooked or did we misunderstand this option of what what we want to achieve and so impossible to do so?

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