How to snap to other object?

New to Figma. Why are 2 objects not auto-aligning when they are groups or frames? I have ‘snap to object’ checked on.

But it snaps and shows red lines, seemingly randomly.

The groups are on the same level in the folder structure. But this shouldn’t even matter in my opinion. In XD and Sketch it can snap to whatever is in your viewport. Thats what you want. Now its just tedious having to align all the objects manually, setting rulers, drawing lines… etc

Please check this post of the same issue.

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Agreed, snapping is next to useless in figma. Painful to use and needs a complete revision.

If you want to see snapping done right then check out Rhino 3D extremely powerful snapping tools for some inspiration.


I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I am also having trouble snapping objects. They are in the same group, siblings in relation to each other. It seems to snap to stuff completely outside of the group. I have tried masks and frames. I just want siblings to snap to each other without having to use the align tool.

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