How to prototype frames in seperated pages?

Hi well since I’d like to organize a design I’m working on since it’s all over the place I have organized them in Pages,but problem is that I can’t do Prototyping ? So is there any way around this ?

Hi @Paco! Unfortunately there’s not a way to draw a prototype connection between frames on different pages. However, a trick you could experiment with is set the final frame on one page to have an “open hyperlink” interaction, and the hyperlink you’d use would be the starting frame of a prototype flow on another page from your file. This might result in a new browser tab opening and a loading screen in between, so the experience may not be seamless. Just an idea. I’ve not tried this myself.

The most reliable solution would be to copy all the frames you need for your prototype onto one page and set up your connections there.

Thank you Alice, Hope team in Figma will fix that in future :slight_smile:

@AlicePackard got one more question, is it possible than in Figma app when selecting Flows I only have the ones from certain Page but from other pages I can’t select Flows ? Is there solution for that

Hey Paco, I don’t think I followed your question. Could you ask again in a different way? Perhaps use some screenshots? This would help me understand better :pray:t2: