How to open a jpg/png image at its full size?

PLEASEEEEE make it possible to open a jpg/png image at its full size, so I can just add a logo on top of it for a project. It’s at 2048x2048, so by the time I stretch the sides, half of it is cut off. I love Figma, but this is something so simple, yet so frustrating!

Hey @Glen3,

What steps are you taking to add the image to the canvas?

Due to browser limitations, the width or height of an image must not be larger than 4096 pixels. Figma will scale any larger images so they fit within these limitations, but at 2048x2048, you shouldn’t be experiencing automatic image resizing.

You should be able to add your image to the canvas from Shape Tools > Place image(shortcut: shift + cmd + K) > select your image then click anywhere to place it onto the canvas

The image used in this example is larger at 3361 x 2241

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