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How to move two masters to a new file and still keep all the linked instances?

I have two master components, A and B.
I need to:

  1. move both masters from file 1 to file 2(DS), while also
  2. keep them linked together (component A uses instances of B), and,
  3. In file 1 keep their instances linked to their master which now reside in file 2(DS).

Mockup of how they’ve been used to give an idea:

Is that possible? Does Master plugin work?

Yes, it is possible with Master plugin. Check out the instructions in this post: Move master components from different files to a new library - #2 by Gleb. You will need to do this for both components individually (copy A, pick A, link A; copy B, pick B, link B).

Great! and thanks for the quick response.