How to make copy to clipboard for Figma on library sites

Hi Webflow Community,

I am noticing more and more Figma libraries lately popping up. Think about:,

I’m currently figuring out how they do section X inside a copy to clipboard button. (Want to build this for a client) But, I am not coming to an end, after googling for hours, I can’t find anything about this.

Is there someone how this exactly works?

Would love to know that!

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Hi there, did you find out how? I have the same question.

The key point is how can we struct data that figma know and write data to clipboard.

Writting data to clipboard can use the Clipboard API。But no one know how to struct the data other than Figma team.

If you visit docs about how upload components to,you will find all of components clipboard data is obtained from user manule copy action.

I’m also looking for the same thing. Any updates?

If you want this solution. Please contact me at

Did anyone find out how to do this?