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How to "flatten" a logo with blend modes?

I have a (pretty basic, needs revisions, ignore that) logo that is made of two rounded triangles that merge together with the Darken blend mode in the middle. I want to be able to get the middle part to be a separate shape so that I can mess with it’s color without changing the other two.
I have tried tracing the shapes. I am very bad at tracing the shapes. I am wondering if there’s an easier way where Figma will “flatten” the individual shapes so that I can move them around separate from each other.
Sorry if my question doesn’t make any sense! I’m bad at this.
I know that I should be using Illustrator. Sorry, but Figma’s all I got, so help me if you can.

If it helps, here’s what the logo looks like:

  1. Remove the blending mode from the triangle;
  2. Group two triangles;
  3. Duplicate this group;
  4. Use boolean operations to select “Intersect selection” for the duplicate group;
  5. Set the desired color for the central part.