How to find a specific element that used a shadow style from a missing library?

Hi, everyone!

Is there a way to find the element/frame/tiny-little-thing that is using a shadow style that comes from a missing library?
This shadow doesn’t come from any library used in this project and it won’t match with any library, so swapping is not an option. I’m trying to find the element that uses it so I can remove this style from the file, but I can’t, I have hundreds of screens in this file.

I have tried some plugins already that help a lot when it’s about text and color styles, but none of them map the effects.

Thank you in advance.

Ps: I did a quick research on the topic but I haven’t found anyone discussing this issue.

Did you find an answer to this issue? I’m stuck with the same thing!

Same situation here. The Style Finder plugin helped a lot to fix colours and text styles, but haven’t found a way for effects. Just adding so the thread doesn’t close.

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Hi, I found a solution, that worked for me. Install the Plugin “Find Replace Styles” from the Community Plugins. With this plugin you can even find shadows-and-yeah-replace them.

Thanks @Anja7 Nice plugin find.
However, in @Julia_Amaral 's case, the shadow isn’t part of her file. It’s in an external library, and won’t show up in results. I have the same issue. Stuck for months with this pesky notification for a shadow referenced from somewhere in my DS which I can’t find… Anyone alse find a solution to this? thanks

I had the same issue (although not with the shadow but with fill), and the “Find & Replace Styles” plugin worked perfectly for me! I hope it worked for @Julia_Amaral as well. Thanks, @Anja7, for finding it!

@pierrelord, I think the style must be used somewhere in her file; otherwise, it wouldn’t appear in the “swap library” list.