How to create auto layout in both direction

Hi, I want to create a auto layout in both row and column direction at once,
For example if I have 4 components in the order of 2x2 and i want convert them into auto layout without converting them into single row or single column, i mean i want same 2x2 even after auto layout.
Please visit my file to understand more clearly and help to give some solution of this problem

Hey Madan, unfortunately this is beyond what auto-layout is capable of. My understanding is that Figma’s auto layout is akin to using Flexbox. Objects within an auto-layout container can only flow in one direction at a time. Figma’s documentation confirms this:

Figma currently supports only one direction at a time, horizontal or vertical.

But there’s good news! The layout you’re after can be achieved:

To build designs that use both directions, you will need to combine or nest auto layout frames.

Using your figma file as an example: you need two horizontal auto layout frames. Each would contain two of of your “15 clients” cards or tiles. Then those two auto layout frames would be wrapped in another auto layout frame, but set to vertical.

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