How to change several interactions at once?

I often need to change the behaviour (trigger, animations, etc.) of several interactions, in a prototype, at the same time - but there is no way to do this, other than selecting each of the threads individually.

This becomes impossible on large prototypes (example above). Sometimes it’s something as simple as making an animation faster, or changing the effect, and it becomes so difficult…

Please somebody help!

Thanks a lot!

There’s only one way I know of that lets you change the interaction on multiple items in one go, but that requires you to have it set up in a specific manner to do that in the first place so unfortunately I don’t think this will help.
If a component should keep the same behavior across several screens, then what I do is I put the interaction on the component. Then the instances will inherit the same interactions and can be changed all at once, while they can be individually overridden.

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Yes! I usually do that too. But unfortunately sometimes I have to change something I did a while ago and by then… that’s not possible. But thank you!!