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How to apply color palette on a photo in Figma?

Hi everyone,

Although Figma is an awesome design tool, I was desperate to find an answer to my question. Probably somebody can help. :blush:

I want to change the colors of photos to a special color palette to create a unique dashboard design. What I am doing is a list of the best baseball players with their photos in the same style.

During this task I faced two problems:
If I use ‘color overlay’ plugin or a mask,

  1. Figma color the foto including the background that has been already cropped
  2. Yet I need to apply some colors, just one color is applied while I want to color every part of the object in different colors

My task is to get something like this (stylised images)

Which other tool can I use to apply the colors?



I think i didn’t picture the issues correctly but didn’t already try use this plugin?

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