How do you save a plugin in Figma?

What I want to do:
Use my favourite plugins.

I can’t save any plugins, neither on my organisation or private account.
Some plugins does not appear as recently used.
I have to search and remember the name for all plugins I want to use every time.

Suggested solution:
Make it possible to save plugins that I personally want to use.
Or have I missed some setting that I need to change?

You missed the save plugins feature.
Please see the following Help Center articles:


I read this like five times until I understood where the [•••] could be found.
I realised I was not supposed to press “Run” and therefore missed that I could look at the plugin itself. :sweat_smile:

My suggestion is to add a shortcut or a save action without the need to view the plugin info.

Thanks for the help. :clap:

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I miss this either! Why hide the save button in [···] ?

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