How do YOU organize your project's pages?

Hey guys! I’m looking for an optimum way to organize my pages (e.g. Multiples pages of a website, design system, components, prototyping) that is convenient for me as well as my collaborators (other designers, developers, stakeholders, etc…). So I’d like to hear how you guys organize yours.

I put emojis to the page names. would that count? :sweat_smile:

Well kind of :smile: what I mean is: do I need to have a separate page solely for my prototyping? do I need a separate page dedicated to my components or should I keep them along side my design system?

I generally separate proto and components from with actual designs - which is a good thing IMO. Its a habit that’s coming from sketch but also helps me to keep myself organised. Libraries, presentations,protos and design files won’t mixed up. Also proto is not something that you’d rely on when the design iterates so I’d rather do it once on a separate page and let it collect dust for the rest of eternity.

If I’m going to build a design system I especially do it on a separate FILE rather than a page. That way, components doesn’t get mixed if I need to create a component for a very specific case just of for a specific page (for example if a proto needs a components, I don’t include that in the design system)

Sorry for hasty reply, I’m also rushing something else. Feel free to reply if you have more questions.

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Thanks for sharing your experience @Corey_Korhan. That having the design system in a different file sounds like a good idea. Since that’s one of my main problems when creating components. As you said a component that’s specifically designed for a certain page gets mixed up with my main stuff.
Now the question is how do you make use of the file (design system)? do you publish it so your teammates can use it or do you have a different approach?

It depends on the project. Also I’ve been hemmed in by the limitations of prototyping.

For one project I really wanted to separate different flows to their own pages but that made prototyping nearly worthless, since Figma does NOT handle page to page at all well.

A lot of the time I separate components to their own page but that’s just a pattern from Sketch, mainly. The larger projects have demanded making a design system file library and basing design files off of that. If I have components I’m not using elsewhere, sometimes I’ll just keep them in the same page if it makes editing quicker.

I generally have an Archive page that is made easier with the Archiver plugin. It archives and automatically disconnects any component linkage in the objects you’re sending there. Very handy.

I’ve seen a people make pages for specific audiences. One for other designers, one for dev notes, one for stakeholder review. That works when you don’t want everyone to get overwhelmed with less relevant info.

Sometimes I just share the prototype link, because it’s easier for people to see that than all the screens. A lot of people have trouble navigating the canvas like it’s a map.

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Thanks @Hoby_Van_Hoose :slight_smile: That was very informative.

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