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How do you copy and past in the same place from one frame to another

This has been absolutely driving me insane! I just started using figma two months ago from several years in sketch. I cant seem to find a consistent answer to how you copy and paste elements from one frame to another in the same location. Currently when pasting the items tend to sit in the middle of the frame by default, but not always depending how zoomed in you are or just wherever it feels like it it seems. Why is the result of this very basic action so varied and unpredictable ?

I’ve seen the solution of selecting the frame before pasting, sometimes it works mostly does not. Paste in place doesn’t seem to exist either. This is super frustrating and slows down my workflow a ton.

Can someone please help explain to me how you take an icon from Frame A and paste it over into Frame B in the exact location as it was in frame A???


I have the same problem. It’s super inconsistent, or I simply don’t understand it.

I’ve read it pasted into the relative position of the previous Parent Frame. However, it still pastes into a random position for me.

It would be so nice to be able to understand this behavior.


Godddd same problem here! :frowning: hating the app right now, can not find a solution! please share an update if you did :pray:


I got that problem too, I think the rules will not work if you have a lot of groups in the Frame, so it will paste in the center of the viewport, I guess. :slight_smile:

I need help with this too!

CTRL-SHFT-V helps paste the elements in exactly the exact same spot within the same frame, but it doesn’t always paste in the same spot over different frames. It feels like Figma just drops the element wherever it feels like, so yes, this is frustrating to me too.

this is absolutely the biggest flaw in figma. one year using it and i still dont get the logic behind it. it is something so basic… idk what the developers are thinking about this lol

Hi guys, this has been bothering me also for a while now. Previously it worked just fine so I didn’t have the need to check for the solution but it turns out I was doing it right accidentally. Here is what works for me.

If it takes you more than one click to select an object you want to copy (meaning it’s a part of a group) “paste in the same place” won’t work. You have to ungroup the objects before selecting the one you need and then select the frame where you want to paste it. Just hit “command+v”…no “command+shift+v” is necessary.

NOTICE: You just need to select the frame for pasting your object. If you accidentally go into a group on that frame your copied object will be pasted in the center of the group you are in and on top of the object you selected.

Same goes for the group. If you select the whole group with one click and then just select your target frame, “command+v” and your group will be pasted in place.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi All,

We launched improvements to copy and paste. Pasting is now more predictable across Figma, and we’ve added three new features! :sparkles:

  • Paste to replace
  • Multi-paste
  • Paste here

Full update on the playground file: