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How do I remove a shared component whose original component is deleted?

I deleted the original of a component but a reference to it remains in the Assets panel under “Used in this file”.

When you delete a component, it doesn’t detach its instances. So if you still have an instance of that component in the file, it will be shown in the “used in this file” section. You can find instances in the file using plugins like Instance Finder (however I’m not sure if it works when you can’t find one of the instances yourself).

Thanks for the response, Gleb. Yeah I’d tried the Instance Finder route but your instincts are correct. It seems you need to be able to find an instance in the file before the plugin can locate a match.

You can also find objects by name, so if you know the name of the component it shouldn’t be hard. Plugins like Search & Focus, Find and Focus, Butler, Figma Walker can do that.

Thanks again! Unfortunately none of those plugins were able to narrow down the instance. Through trial and error (deleting various components in which the ghost-components were likely to have been nested) I was able to narrow down the instance that was causing the problems. By deleting that master component, I can see that the broken links are deleted along with it. So I’ll simply rebuild that component, relink all references to the new one, and delete the problematic one. Thanks for your help, Gleb.