How can I export to PDF with transparency?

When I export any objects from Figma to PNG, the result files have the same transparent areas as in original objects. But not in PDF - transparent areas always replace with white color areas!

Exporting from Figma, you can see the transparent area around the icon:

Result (png), transparency saved:

Result (pdf) transparency was replaced with white color:


Having the same issue

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Yes, I’m facing the same issue. Can someone please help on this?

Same problem here! Please help

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PDF is a vector friendly format, so it should support transparent background. This is an issue that has been bugging me too, since I’m unable to provide the PDF assets to developers. It would be great if this is addressed.

Same issue here, can’t export PDF with transparent background, always ends up white.

Same issue! Did anyone figure this out? Is there a work around?

Has this been answered anywhere? I’m creating a presentation with rounded corners on each frame, but Figma keeps filling in the transparent corners with a white background when I export as a PDF.

How is this issue not addressed yet? Seems pretty critical to iOS development. Does anyone know of workarounds or plugins?


Having the same issue. I need PDF assets for an iOS tab bar, but they keep exporting with a white background despite showing a transparent background in the preview prior to export from Figma.

I may have found a solution to this. There is a checkbox “Show in exports” in the Fill section of the design panel that only shows up when you make the asset exportable (by clicking the + in the export panel). If that “Show in exports” box is checked, even if the fill is hidden (or possibly non-existent), then the PDF appears with a bg color upon export.

Oddly, when I view the exported PDF in Preview, it’s still appearing with a white bg, but when it is implemented in code (in my case, it’s being added to an iOS tab bar), then the bg DOESN’T SHOW!

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