Hover state doesnt work until my "mouse leave" state is over

Hey there.

I have the following problem.
On the page I created I have several pictures that are components and work like that:

Mouse enter - change to Second state (picture changes to text)
Mouse leave - after delay 10000ms - change to Default state (back to the picture)

Now in the same page I have several buttons that have only one simple hover state.

My problem is the following:

If at least one picture is still active (meaning still in the mouse leave state and about to close after 10000ms) NONE of my hover buttons work.
I need to wait until my picture will go back to the Default state in order for the buttons to start working again.

Is there any chance that someone knows what is causing this and how i could solve it ?

It is driving me crazy for hours :sweat_smile:


Will you share your file for me to check it out

In these prototypes tiny details matter

I think the cause is due to your layering names or placement, how to change it can also cause the problem.

So you will see the pictures change will mouse enter and then it has a delay before it goes back. Underneath the pictures there is “Related Project”, each title should hover, but you will notice you can hover only while my picture goes back to default state.

Here is also a link so you can check the components

Let me know if you need more from me to share.

Thank you so much for trying to help me out :slight_smile:

No problem

I Still think the problem occurs because of your layers

Instead grouping them put them in Frames, On prototypes group affects above layer, but frames act separately, Do that and if the problem remained let me know to check it again and do some test on it

PS: to do this faster, You can use Ctrl + Shift + G to get them out of layer and Ctrl + Alt + G to make them frame

And then implement prototype settings again

thanks :slight_smile: will try it now and let you know !!!

Unfortunatelly still doesnt work… I made them into frames instead of groups. Thruth is its fine even if they are not grouped-framed together at all. i just did it coz it was easier for me to copy for my other pages.
I tried also without group/frame at all but still nothing…


Hi there

Sorry yesterday I got busy .

I checked it again and noticed you have deleted after delay action.

I wanted to suggest it to you, because as long as UX talks this is the best approach, there is no need of delaying, cause the user might want to see the Pic ASAP or go around other elements.

But as for Complex prototyping in Figma, If you need that solution, I can save some time with you and come up with a solution for it if possible.

Oh hey :slight_smile: justt saw your message.
Yeah actually i decided to just go with the hover solution!

I couldnt figure out the problem, but anyway i think hover makes more sence! :slight_smile: thank you very much for your time.

Im actually facing a different issue now, maybe you can help me also with that :sweat_smile: ?

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Sure, I like to solve design problems

What’s bothering your design?