Help with pushing new component updates

Hi all,

After a bit of help with pushing component updates. I have a set of check boxs in the component library have a label that just says “label,” but obviously when designers use them they change it to something contextual like say “agree with our terms and conditions.” If I change the component in the library and push an update the label name changes in everyones designs back to “label” is there a way for people to update their library but not have the copy change so they don’t have to do rework adding labels back in.


That shouldn’t be happening, if you only performed text changes on the master component. That will be updated on all the instances that haven’t updated his text already (on the instance). By doing a modification on the instance, you are generating an override, and those are stronger than component text, or hide/show updates.

Check that you aren’t modifying more than text, for example, maybe you created a new text element and removed the previous one, that of course, will be considered as a change, and text updates on instances will get lost.


+1 to Mojo. If I may add to that, the structural change within the component is also considered a change. Here is an excerpt from Figma Help page.

"Figma uses the following criteria to determine whether to preserve an override:

  • Layer names and hierarchy need to match between the current instance and the variant or instance you’re selecting. This applies both when swapping instances and selecting variants"

I recommend checking whether the change would affect overrides in instances. Make a copy of the component in a separate file, make a dummy instances to simulate before publishing the component.

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