Help: Instance swap nested components

I have applied instance properties to nested components, but can not seem to access them unless I click down into the complex component to access the nested components properties.

Here is an example I made in Figma

I’d like to be able to swap the profile image from the properties panel without having to dig into the component.

I am wondering if there is a way to do an instance swap with nested components that you can access without digging into the layers.

Not at the moment, but I recon Figma guys already know that there is an opportunity to push this awesome feature further. I’ve seen some rumors about props bubbling, hopefully it is going to be a thing

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Yes! This is exactly what I am referring to. It would be nice if the properties from nested symbols would bubble up to the larger component set.

Indeed! There are plenty requests on the forum about it, let’s keep our fingers crossed :wink: