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Has your file ever said "file out of memory"?

I’ve been working on a file recently and when attempting to open it I got a message saying the following:

“File out of memory, it’s no longer safe for you to continue to edit as figma may not properly function”

It does not allow you to move forward from that point. You can load from a previous version of the file but even doing that gives the same message. Any insight on what the issue could be or should I suck it up and start over from scratch?

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Try to break the file down into multiple files: copy/paste objects from it into new files.

Is there a way to see what parts of a file area eating up the memory? It might be a little bit on the Advanced User side, but it would go a looooong way to diagnosing what the issue is.

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Large/many images and components with many layers are the main reasons of that, as far as I know.

For anyone else who views this thread, this feature became obscured but you can go to the Figma menu > View > View resource use to see a slightly better visual of what’s happening in your file


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