Gray screen projects crash

Since the last update it has been happening. I uninstalled and installed figma again, but it keeps happening.

I’m messing with a project, until everything is white and then the projects I have open have a gray screen. I can keep moving, but I can’t see beyond the gray screen. Then I need to keep closing and opening the projects again.

Does anyone know what I can do? :frowning: Thanks

  • Windows 10 Pro
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Hmm, this definitely sounds like a bug.
If you can share screenshots and as much detail as possible via this form our support team will make sure this gets logged and looked at.

Submit a bug form →

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yep… the projects look like this

Please share via the form so our support team can take a closer look. Thanks!

ok, I already shared in the form today. Thanks

Great thanks!

Also seeing this so it’s not just you. I’m guessing there weren’t any updates on this? Thanks

The same thing is happening to me for quite some time. I’ve learned to close and reopen the app, but it’s kinda frustrating doing this every time this happens.

I also experience the same problem since my last update.

I’ve also been facing the same issue, but the solution I found is restoring down the screen and then maximizing again. This fixes the issue for me but again its irritating after a point.

I’m suffering from The Same Problem!!