Grammarly Plug-in

I use Grammarly app across a lot of platforms, but it does not work on Figma unfortunately.
It would be amazing to be able to run Grammarly on Figma.


An amazing idea that I also have in mind to implement in mine and my friend‘s plugin called UI Copy.

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Figma, please add Grammarly.


This is long overdue. Please, somebody make a Grammarly plugin for Figma!


This would be extremely helpful, especially for individuals working outside of their native language.


+1 for this plugin request! Having Grammarly work inside Figma would be amazing and having the option to enable this on a field-by-field basis could be the ideal integration. That way buttons or UI elements won’t get checked but it could be enabled on body text or misc. messaging used through the design.

A global option to show or hide the Grammarly errors would also be helpful.


Why is this comment/post marked as solved?

Hey @Mike_Szyszka,

It was self-marked as solved, but we’ve removed it to avoid confusion.

While we cannot guarantee that a Grammarly plugin is on our roadmap, native spell check is - stay tuned!


Sort of good news, now Grammarly works when you’re commenting!

Agreed - can WE PLEASE use a spell check API natively inside of Figma??? Here are some ideas: 11 Best Grammar and Spell Check APIs & Free Alternatives List - September, 2022 | RapidAPI

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Yes this will be helpful to be implemented

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Yeeeeesss, we have to write guidelines in Figma. Grammarly, we’re waiting for you there :melting_face:

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