Git Like versioning

+100 For this!

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I really need this

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Hope this feature will be implemented. Having a lot of trouble managing library files because this feature is missing…

Also I’d suggest, in case of trying to merge a branch into main,
admins/file owners should be able to set default reviewers and at least one reviewer which can’t be removed.

Would help a lot to manage component versions, updates, etc. In general, ensuring a good quality of our libraries.


really need this too!!!


This is significantly more important than displaying video in prototypes


Looking for this feature to be added as well!

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This is really important. Especially since changes are not tracked that well, so if someone changes a component in main I can’t see what specifically was changed. This only works somewhat decently in branches.

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i run into autosaving issues with other designers. plz add this as top priority


I need this

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Currently exploring this, as we want to lock a version that we tested in research, and iterate on it in a branch.

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100% Agree

Master / Branch Management

That is one of the few features I am missing from Sketch/Abstract. The master/branch management was pretty sleek being able to set reviewers and protect the master file. Especially in the design system where changes can affect everybody’s work and progress. It is quite dangerous right now while onboarding new collaborators not fluent in Figma. Locking all layers to be sure the team starts a branch is quite a waste of time.


We desperately need this ability to lock a version that will never change (like a snapshot in time) that we can hand off to developers. That way, even if updates are made to components and libraries for Day 2, it won’t affect any of the Day 1 deliverables, that developers are actively working on.

XD does good job with this. When you publish a version, it’s locked in time, and the viewers can explore different views of the file: Overview of all the screens, showing all the flows (important for wireframes), and Prototypes, viewed as individual screens.

If somebody has cracked this problem already, I’d love to hear about it! :heart:


Me: Breathes on the main file.
Branch: “Updates available from main file”.



+1 Being able to lock the main file down, only to be updated by branches would be ideal!



Still need this for branches to be useful, other wise there’s no point in this branching feature. Without there being a locked master file, any designer will be able able to make changes to the master.

Imagine if any developer could go straight into the main code file, and start changing things, crazy! :slight_smile:

We desperately need git-style versioning, Figma! :slight_smile:

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How can you offer an enterprise-wide library if every library editor also has the rights to change the master branch?

I create a new topic that probably is related to this one: Handle versioning in Figma with branches

How do you handle versioning in Figma when you introduce a new Design systems version?

Personally, we don’t! We duplicate so that a code version is tied to a specific library. It’s not super easy, but it works (for the most part). The major irritation is that someone cannot swap libraries if something gets renamed (e.g. a Color name from a linked library) - it takes manual /plugin intervention.