Frame resize help please?

Hi all

I know there’s so many queries about constraints etc but I’m still not able to solve my issue and would love some help please.

I have created a vector of a dog as below.

The full image is made up of a number of groups, and all I am wanting is for the frame to be as tight around the image as possible for export purposes. Every time I resize the frame an element of my image moves/re-sizes.

When I simply try to ‘Frame Selection’ it doesn’t do a tight frame, and the only reason I can guess is because the ears have a larger rectangular frame like below.

…and this then means my frame looks like this.

I’m sure this isn’t that hard, but isn’t as easy as I had hoped. Thanks!

Hold Cmd/Ctrl while resizing the frame.

Thanks for the quick reply, that worked!

Now however, when I try to export it it downloads a zip file if you have any ideas please? I just need it as png/jpg.

Unzip it and there will be images. This happens because you have / in name, which acts as a folder, so Figma zips the folder structure.

LOL well that’s embrassing. You are correct, I had labelled the image with a backslash to abbreviate. Thank you so much for your help, wish I asked sooner!