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Fonts seem off

Hello. I am a new designer and just recently started using Figma. Both my brother and I are having trouble with the design handoff and would like some assistance. It seems that the measurement Figma gave me aren’t the same size as when they are converted into code. Does anybody know what happened and how to fix it? Specifically on my buttons and the font weight. (some things on the 2nd image are already adjusted from the figma file. Thanks in advance. I’ve attached side by side comparison to help.

- figma screenshot
- html screenshot
here is the link to the figma file : Figma

Hey @Orson, I can’t vouch for the width issues (that might be implementation problems) but the fonts you’re showing on the HTML and Figma file are clearly not the same. That influences everything a lot.


Hey thank you. I did some analyzing myself and realized that I did have some things messed up on the image i sent… but after looking at it more, the font sizes just look different because of the surrounding around them and not because they were actually any different. Thank you.