Following Figma YT tutorial hug content option not available


I’m following the Figma YouTube tutorial @ 3:54 when the instructor is setting the text, in the inspector to the right there is the option to set the text as ‘Hug contents’ in the Constraints and resizing panel.

I do not have the ‘Hug contents’ in the Constraints the drop-down menu.

I have searched this forum and found a similar issue. I have selected the text layer and the text is set to Auto width in the Text section.

Can a patient person, please point me in the right direction, cheers for helping a noob. of my example.

You’ve set text to Auto Width, that’s all you need. Hug contents setting is equivalent to that. It was probably a bug that it was present on text, it should be only present on auto layout frames. Hope this clears up the confusion.

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